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Are you 3D yet?

Is there a better way to control the devices in my home? Yes, in 3D!

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Works with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

Our whole array of smart products are compatible with all major voice assistants like Alexa, Google Now and Siri. If you own any of these devices, just add our skill to your accounts and start talking to your home in no time.

You can control the home from the 3D app as well as the regular switches. What’s even better? As long as you’re in the home, our solution doesn’t need an active Internet connection to control devices. Just the WiFi router is enough.

A Day with Newton

About Thinqbot

Welcome to the biggest revolution in smart homes. With one touch, you dim the lights, play music, turn on the air conditioner, lock the doors and arm the security system. You silently marvel at how simple life has become.

The Next Big Thing

Our product, Newton, coordinates all the connected devices in your home to create a personalized experience with solutions that maximize your lifestyle, comfort, convenience, entertainment and peace of mind. You’ll be living in a house that obeys your every command, from anywhere in the world.

You can control your home from the smartphone or tablet, and also with your voice. The best part, you get the power to personalize your home with the solution of your dreams – all in your budget.


Mind-blowing Features

You’re not just buying a product or a solution. You’re buying an ecosystem which is capable of learning your habits and adding more and more features as it grows with you.

True Automation

Your lights automatically turn on when you need it, and turns itself off when no one is in the room.


Our optimisation algorithms program your home to reduce wastage of electricity and generate savings on your bills.


Incorporates your lights, locks, cameras and more to secure your home. Randomize lights and A/V devices to make it look like you’re at home even when you’re not.

Rich Entertainment

Transform your family room into a state-of-the-art home theater. Watch TV, access your personal media collection or enjoy your entire music library using your phone, tablet or voice.



World's first & only all-in-one 3D user-interface to monitor and control your home. It can even be used by the elderly, and the maids too without much complications.

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We give a brain to your home, and we let you control that brain. It’s that simple! ask us.

They'll work as they normally do. Our system works in tandem with the physical switches.

We support integrations of more than 5000+ device integrations via our IoT Platform Cloud.

When you are at home, then no internet is required, as long as your phone is connected to your WiFi network. But when you are outside, then internet access will be required to control your home.

It is very easy to install. It takes nearly an hour to setup the solution for a two-bedroom apartment.

A resounding yes! It doesn’t matter weather your house is under construction or has already been constructed; if it is ancestral or highly modern, our solution can be installed anywhere.

Product installation and setup is done via trained professionals, which also includes free replacements and repairs for 1 year. For any other queries, our customer support executives can be reached at all times via mail (mailto:[email protected]) or via the in-app IM and call feature.


What our client say !

Our solution's uniqueness goes beyond to address the lifestyle, security and energy saving needs of most homeowners. We take the pain of making smart homes easier for everyone in the value chain including the builders, system integrators, electricians, and customers.

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