Thinqbot Technologies

A Day with Newton

07:00 AM

Water heater syncs with your alarm clock and turns on Bedroom lights up from dim to bright Wake up to your favorite song on the music system

08:00 AM

Appliances turn off as you leave the home The home detects you’re away and arms itself in Security Mode The house will alert you in case of a break-in or suspicious activity

11:00 AM

Watch your pet or talk with your family through the Intercom camera No need to worry if you’ve left the geyser or iron on, Newton turns it off You check your electricity consumption usage and plan your budget

05:00 PM

As you reach home, the AC (or heater) turns on for your comfort Entrance lights light up to your motion with music system turning on You set the mood lights and unwind in your living room

07:00 PM

Kitchen appliances are automated according to the recipe you’re cooking Connect with your loved ones with a video conference on the TV Dinner mode sets the perfect ambience for your delights

08:30 PM

The whole family shares their recent trip albums on the TV screen Watch your favorite movies in 4k on the TV controlled from your phone Movie mode sets the perfect lighting and environment

10:30 PM

Geyser turn on at a scheduled time for your bath Bathroom lights turn on as you step inside the bathroom While the music starts; you end the day with a relaxing bath

11:00 PM

Sleep Mode turns off all the lights and unused devices Security system arms up and monitors the home for unusual events Curtains shut down as you set your mood lights for a pleasant sleep

Weekend / Holiday

Get ultimate powers as the party host by controlling the mood Lights, music, videos and set the ambience at the touch of a button Dazzle everyone as you control your home in the Newton 3D app

When nobody is at home, Newton will simulate your presence by turning lights/appliances randomly Know the status of your home by just taking a glance at the 3D model